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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How about shipping  to my location?
Yes  because most of our tress are in containers, they do well in shipping. We can ship to almost anywhere,  please let us know how we can help you.

2. How do you water your trees?
We use drip irrigation  which gives the advantage of allowing just the right amount of water for each individual tree. Each tree gets a small amount of water directly at the point of use. Our trees receive not too much and not too little at the right times with our system. The advantage over sprinklers is the reduction of water wasted to evaporation.

3. Do you use a lot of chemicals?
We use a minimum of the chemicals necessary for the health of our trees

4. How quickly can I expect delivery of my material?
With our containers and digging, we are able to quickly get the tree you pick out and have it on your truck safely.

5. Do you have a minimum order?

6.  Do you deliver to my location?
Yes, we deliver  for an additional charge which is based on the distance.

7. How far outside of the Alabama area will you deliver?
We deliver to a large area but the distance will determine the cost and whether it will require a commercial carrier.

8. Can customers pick up material at your facilities?
Yes, we welcome you and we will want some advance notice to minimize your wait time.

9. Do you warranty or guarantee your material to survive?
We guarantee to ship viable healthy trees and they are true to the description/variety we advertise.  We can not control what happens after they leave us and therefore there is no further guarantee. Once you have accepted the material it is your responsibility to ensure its survival.

10. Can you refer someone to install trees for me?
Yes, we have many professional landscapers  we can provide for your review.