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Terms & Conditions
Prices are subject to change without notice. The prices enclosed are wholesale only and are F.O.B. Grand Bay, AL. All orders are subject to crop availability and condition.

Payment Terms:
Cash payment upon receipt of plant material is required without established credit. Approved credit customers are net 30 days from date of invoice. Interest of 1.5% will be added to past due accounts (18% per annum).

Orders with a request date of 30 days or more will require a deposit of 25% down. Deposits will be forfeited on orders delayed beyond period of original deposit or will require an additional deposit. Deposit will be prorated as the order is shipped.

Delivery and shipping cost are the responsibility of the buyer. Risk or loss passes to the buyer once the plant material is loaded for shipment. Any damage or loss occurring during shipment is the risk and responsibility of the buyer. Seller can help arrange shipping and delivery based on these conditions. Additional shipping costs may arise if trucks are not unloaded within freight companies allotted time frame. Shipping charges are COD and must be paid to the carrier unless previously arranged.

Although we go to great lengths to assure the authenticity of the varieties cultivated, we cannot be responsible for conditions beyond our control. Oak Hill Tree Farm, LLC makes no warranty either expressed or implied, except that plants are true to name and are in good health prior to shipment. If buyer notes a problem upon receipt of shipment, Oak Hill Tree Farm, LLC must be informed in writing (Fax is sufficient) within 10 working days of shipment. Oak Hill Tree Farm, LLC will in no means be responsible for damage caused by weather conditions or buyer/owner neglect. In any case, the limit of liability will not exceed the original invoice value.
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