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About Oak Hill Tree Farm LLC.
We use drip irrigation and fertilization to insure that our plants consistently meet the high standards of quality that our customers have come to expect. 
We look forward to earning the right to be one of your valuable suppliers.  We invite you to come by and see our trees and to personally tag the ones that are right for your application. 
Since the early 1920's our family farm supplied the local community with quality products grown in the fertile  lower Alabama climate.
Today our farm consists of  lush farmable acres and our  moderate winters and plentiful rain combined with our deep clay soil provides for an unsurpassed growing environment.

We specialize in growing premium trees with enhanced root systems.  We primarily target the 2"-- 3" caliper ornamental market and sell trees in 30 & 45 G containers. 
We start out with top-quality liners from some of the premier liner producers in the country such as the Oregon clones, and only purchase liners that have been root-manipulated from the start.  We use clones as much as possible for consistency in growth and shape.
We grow to Florida Grades & Standards and  Mobile Alabama Tree Standards which promote establishing a dominant central leader, good branch structure, and a well-developed fibrous root system that avoids circling roots.
We work hard to develop a fibrous root system as we grow the trees.  This has a two-fold advantage of storing energy for when the tree is transplanted to the landscape, and keeping the roots from circling to prevent girdling the tree as it grows.
We primarily use a trellis system for holding the trees.  We have a limited amount of trees in the ground that are grown in Fabric Bags.
The Oak Hill Tree Farm Difference
Oak Hill Tree Farm, LLC  P. O. Box 727 Grand Bay, Alabama 36541